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“Terraria Castle Designed by Blarghalt and built by him and myself”

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Terraria (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 16/MAY/11
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That looks awesome!!! mind if i steal the idea?
@ArmoXPhenom hehe,thanks
and ofcourse.

on the condition you post here with a link to your finished work :p
ok hehe. I got the base done
Woah nice work! I'm currently working on my own castle but it's no way near as impressive as this one! I better up my game.
@neefesto hehe thanks :)
Let me see yours when your done :D
Sure, I'll post you a link when it's finished. How did you get a shot of it zoomed out like that?
@neefesto I used a map viewer, in this case Terrafirma, wich you can get from http://seancode.com/terrafirma/
This would be huge if I tried to build it in Minecraft.
I think the ones i did in MC were bigger
@LordXenophon I was thinking the same thing. Everytime I try to build something that big in MC I screw it up. I blame my ADD. I get halfway through a wall and go to mine for more supplies and end up never going back to finish it. *sigh*
Then you need more minecarts.
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